Ope Winter Hat - Waffle Beanie

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Introducing the "OPE" Waffle Beanie - a Minnesotan's Essential Winter Gear!

Get ready to embrace the chilly Midwestern winters with our all-new "OPE" Waffle Beanie! Inspired by the quintessentially Minnesotan exclamation, this hat is more than just a warm accessory – it's a nod to the friendly, slightly awkward charm of the Midwest.

Why "OPE"? If you're from Minnesota or its neighboring states, you know exactly what we mean. It's the sound you make when you almost bump into someone at the grocery store, or when you need to squeeze past someone in a crowded room. It's a word that says, "Oops! Sorry there, didn't mean to get in your way!" – all wrapped up in one syllable.

But this beanie isn't just about a word; it's about comfort and style too. Made with 100% acrylic and boasting a unique honeycomb-like waffle knit, this beanie ensures you stay toasty while trekking through the snowy streets or enjoying a cup of hot cocoa by the lake. The 11.5″ (29 cm) double layer knit provides extra insulation, while the adjustable cuff and flexible material ensure a snug fit for all head sizes.

The hat's 4 top-seam knit ensures durability and maintains shape, making it a reliable companion for all your winter escapades. Whether you're hiking, camping, or just running errands, this beanie will keep you warm and stylish.

This Midwestern staple with its playful "OPE" embroidery reminds everyone of the charming, polite, and slightly awkward spirit of the Midwest.

So whether you're a proud Minnesotan or just love the spirit of the Midwest, the "OPE" Waffle Beanie is your perfect winter accessory. Grab one for yourself and maybe an extra for that neighbor you almost bumped into at the store – they'll definitely understand the gesture!

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