Minnesota Damn Cold Blanket - Sherpa Blanket

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Introducing the "Damn Cold" Minnesota Sherpa Blanket: A Minnesotan's Cozy Retreat!

For all you hardy souls braving the frosty charms of Minnesota, we've got something that'll warm your heart and your toes – the "Damn Cold" Sherpa Blanket! With its cheeky design and cuddly warmth, it's the perfect addition to any Minnesotan home.

Let's face it, Minnesota winters are not just cold, they're "DAMN COLD"! And we've captured this playful truth right on the blanket. Emblazoned with a bold red buffalo plaid pattern, the blanket features the state of Minnesota outline, complete with a snowy background. The clever twist? The "MN" in "DAMN" is highlighted, celebrating the state abbreviation and your ability to thrive in the chill.

But this blanket isn't just about making a statement. The opposite side is a fluffy tan sherpa paradise, providing the ultimate soft and cozy experience. Imagine wrapping yourself in a cloud of warmth while you're watching the snowfall outside – that's the kind of comfort we're talking about.

Available in two sizes, 50x60 inches for personal snuggling and 60x80 inches for sharing (or if you just like extra blanket to yourself), it's perfect for any occasion. Whether you're lounging on the couch, bundling up for a movie night, or adding a stylish touch to your room, this blanket has got you covered.

Crafted with 100% polyester fibers, it combines a plushie feel with exceptional softness. The smooth side fabric weighs 6.49 oz/yd² (220g/m²), and the sherpa fabric is a cozy 7.08 oz/yd² (240g/m²), making it both durable and luxuriously comfortable.

So, Minnesotans and winter-lovers alike, get ready to embrace the cold with a smile (and a warm blanket). The "Damn Cold" Sherpa Blanket is here to remind you that even the chilliest days can be filled with warmth and a bit of humor. Let's cuddle up, Minnesota-style!

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